Getting To Know Jeffrey

Jeffrey Lamar, Financial Consultant

Jeffrey Lamar- Alabama native, began his Financial Services career in 2009 with National Financial Service Group. Within 3 months he quickly made his presence known within the agency, and was named in the top 50 of producing agents. He’s passionate about changing his community not only by providing his clients with unbiased sound financial planning, but by educating them on financial literacy

After taking a break from the financial industry and relocating to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue careers in Quality and Project management fields, he found that he couldn’t stay away from his true calling as a financial consultant. During his time away he continued to educated friends and colleagues about avoiding common pitfalls of various financial vehicles, and the proper way to create and sustain generational wealth.

In 2018, he returned to the industry wiser and more energized than before. He has picked up where he left off from; educating young professionals on how to properly put together a Financial Plan and working with retirees to ensure they don’t have to return to the workforce all while teaching them how to leave a legacy for their families.

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