401(K) Services

Hamilton Wealth Advisors - 401(K) Services


As a business owner, being able to offer a retirement plan can be a crucial ingredient in attracting and retaining employees. However, along with that benefit comes the responsibility for evaluating and managing the investment decisions for the plan assets. It’s important to protect yourself by following stringent fiduciary standards of objectivity. You need impartial evaluation of your asset allocation, investment opportunities and portfolio construction, while at the same time minimizing fees and eliminating extraneous costs.

Hamilton Wealth Advisors offer an array of retirement plan services for business owners. Whether you are just starting up, or you have employees nationwide, we have the expertise and resources to meet your company’s needs. We take the same approach to managing corporate retirement plans that we do with our private wealth clients: utilizing techniques developed over multiple market cycles to help your employees achieve their goal of financial independence.

Working with Hamilton Wealth Advisors gives business owners the peace of mind that they are working with a fiduciary. We help protect our clients from the legal responsibilities associated with managing the costs and performance of their retirement plan.

  • 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plan Consulting Services
  • Fund Performance Reviews and Comparisons
  • Investment Committee Oversight
  • Fiduciary Services
  • Plan Design
  • Employee Education Programs


Every service we provide has one primary purpose – to help advance our client’s individual financial goals. Your specific objectives help us construct a portfolio tailored to meet your needs. Before selecting any assets for your portfolio, we undergo a thorough discovery process to understand your desired returns, income needed to support your current lifestyle, future liabilities, desired liquidity, tolerance for risk (including possible loss) and other important factors.

At Hamilton Wealth Advisors, your private wealth advisory team is composed of individuals whose core competencies are focused on investing and financial planning and who are dedicated to YOU and YOUR success.
Here’s why your experience with us will be productive and worthwhile:

  1. In addition to yearly in-person meetings, our teams are available to talk or meet. Our advisors maintain regular and close communication with clients to regularly evaluate how changing life circumstances might inform your asset allocation or investment management strategy.
  2. We cater to your level of understanding about investing and your desire to be involved in how your assets are invested. Do you want to be more hands-on and be involved in every decision? Do you want us to take care of everything and provide you with frequent updates? Or would you prefer something in between? We will work in the way that’s most comfortable for you.
  3. We do not believe it is enough to simply advise a client. We believe in helping them execute on the recommendation by either working with a client’s existing team of professionals or coordinating with in-house specialists for tax, legal or insurance needs.


Some advisors are “dually registered.” This means they act like fiduciaries sometimes and investment brokers other times. It also means their compensation for investment advice can be tied to commissions, kickbacks or other ways that may not reflect your best interests. Other advisors are fiduciaries but have created their own financial products they then include in their clients’ portfolios. And some advisors have a built-in conflict of interest – they charge a fee to manage a portfolio, then recommend a product that pays them yet another fee.

Here at Hamilton Wealth Advisors, you will know exactly how we are paid for our investment advice. We serve as a fiduciary on your investments in all cases, which means we are legally committed to only providing advice that is in your best interest. We have no proprietary products, and we never receive compensation from third parties for our investment advice.